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sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013

Asterisk – How to detect a busy tone

Asterisk without “Disconnect Supervision”

It is very hard to configure an asterisk system if your telco is not providing  Disconnect supervision on your PSTN/Analog line. Even the developers of digium “Switchvox” could not solve the “great call hangup issue” on their great PBX  till now (12th Sep. 2011), because many telecom providers all over the world do not support  this method of call disconnection.
So what happens if you are using asterisk and do not have disconnect supervision on your analog line. If you have not properly configured asterisk with busydetect=yes/callprogress=yes in dahdi/zapata configuration you  will end up  ”always busy analog lines”  and you may have to restart the PBX  to receive a call/make call. As an example , I’m using asterisk and if somebody calling me,the call rings my phone via asterisk and  I’m not at my desk to attend the call, so the callee hangs up his phone. But the asterisk will keep ringing my phone because it will not detect the “call disconnect tone”  which is send by the telco when the callee hangup the call. So that PSTN/Analog line remains busy until you manually pick up  phone and disconnect or restart asterisk. This may happen always when caller/callee fails to hangup the call., ie call hang up from one end will not release the line for another call.
Try the below settings before you start.  Try increasing rxgain if pbx could not detect the busytone successfully.
Add busypattern if required. If your TSP supports polarity reversal(disconnect supervision) hanguponpolarityswitch is the best option.
Edit the file /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf


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