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segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2009

Como alterar o tamanho dos blocos dos volumes no VMware ESXI

How do I change the block size ESXi

I just recently needed to change the block size of my ESXi installation so that I could utilize a larger-sized virtual machine. Since the bulk of a virtual machine is stored as a single file, the block-size imposes limitations on how big the machine can be, as follows:

Size / Max VM Size

1 / 256 GB
2 / 512 GB
4 / 1024 GB
8 / 2048 GB

With ESXi you cannot change this during the install, but you can create a new volume afterwards to replace the datastore that is made with installation.

***** CAUTION: following the steps below WILL remove all data in the existing datastore.

First, log into your VMware Infrastructure client. Highlight the virtual host from the left pane (should be the only thing there, since this is a fresh install). Go to the configuration tab, and select "Storage" under the Hardware heading. To the right you will see your datastore, and a column labelled "device." Record the data from this column (mine was vmhba1:0:0:3). You will need this later.

  • 1) At the VMware console (where you see the machine's IP) press Alt - F1 to get to a new console window with some log information.
  • 2) Type "unsupported" (no quotes) and hit enter. You will not see the characters as you type them
  • 3) Enter the "root" password -- you are now at a commandline
  • 4) enter the following command: vmkfstools --createfs vmfs3 --blocksize 8M vmhba1:0:0:3
  • Replace the blocksize parameter with whatever you need (I used 2M, to get virtual machines up to 500ish gigs). Replace the vmhba1:0:0:3 with the name that you recorded earlier. All set!

2 comentários:

Rafael Carvalho disse...

Quando é necessário aumentar o tamanho dos blocos?

Marcos Abadi disse...

Só é necessário aumentar o tamanho dos blocos de um volume quando deseja-se criar um disco (vmdk) com tamanho superior, ou seja, um volume criado com um bloco de 1M, você só vai poder criar um disco com no máximo 256Gb. Agora se você criar um volume com um bloco de 2M vai poder criar um disco com até 512Gb e assim sucessivamente.